Autism Delaware E-Groups

Autism Delaware maintains a number of different email groups through Google Groups. Some of the groups we offer are for information, others are for support and still others are for the use of our working committees. Below is a partial list of active email groups offered by Autism Delaware for our members, volunteers and the autism community at large.

Autism Delaware main: This informational email group is extremely active, with multiple emails a day on topics as diverse as autism-related news articles, upcoming events from Autism Delaware and upcoming events from other organizations. Only Autism Delaware staff members may post to this group, but anyone can be a member.
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Autism Delaware family support group:
We manage an online support group through this email list. The group is used by parents and family members of those with autism to talk about topics of concern to them and to seek support from their community. Any member of the group may post, but permission must be sought to initially join. This group is restricted to family members or caregivers of those affected by autism.
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Committees and other groups:

  • The Drive for Autism
  • Blue Jean Ball Committee
  • Walk for Autism Committee
  • Fall Gala committee
  • Legislative/Advocacy Committee
  • Newsletter Committee

Please contact Autism Delaware directly if you feel you should be added to one of these email groups.