Social Media Community Guidelines

Autism Delaware is excited to offer an online community full of information and interactions. The opinions and viewpoints expressed in our social media communities are those of the individuals who have made them and may not reflect policies or positions of Autism Delaware. You should always verify any information found online with a qualified professional before taking action.

Please abide by our community guidelines when interacting with others on our sites.

  • Messages posted in Autism Delaware’s social media community may be used in other Autism Delaware communications and marketing pieces.
  • Autism Delaware will remove posts that use obscene or disrespectful language, personal insults, ethnic slurs, etc.
  • Disagreement with posts is fine, but respect is necessary. Any personal insults or negative comments directed at a specific individual will be removed.
  • As Autism Delaware’s tax-exempt status prohibits electioneering or political activity, users are expected to refrain from commenting on political parties, political action committees, or candidates for office.
  • Autism Delaware is not responsible for the content of any linked Web site or any link contained on any of our social media sites or our Web site.
  • We are not responsible for the privacy practices of sites linked to from our social media sites or website. A link to any site does not imply endorsement by Autism Delaware for that site or the business associated with it.
  • Posters are requested to stay on topic. Comments or posts that fall outside Autism Delaware’s mission may be removed.
  • Remember that your posts are visible to the general public. Protect your privacy and don’t give out any personal information.
  • Autism Delaware reserves the right to delete any post or comment at any time. Users who consistently violate these guidelines may be barred from further participation on our social media sites.

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