Adult Services

Though many stories in the media are about children with autism, the disorder is, in fact, a lifelong one. With the prevalence of autism steadily rising, there are ever more adults with autism who are in need of some level of supportive services. During the past several years, programs around the country have turned their attention to the needs of adults in their communities.

Adults with autism have a wide range of capabilities and preferences. Many may be capable of competitive employment with very limited supports, while others may require daily, one-on-one services. Autism Delaware’s POW&R adult services program was created in order to provide adults with autism in Delaware the opportunity to work in their communities. In contrast to a more traditional, sheltered workshop environment, POW&R participants work and volunteer at businesses throughout the state and engage in regular recreational opportunities from visiting the beach to attending movies.

Click Here to read our 2005 study on Best Practices in Adult Services (download the pdf via this link).