POW&R Step-by-Step

Eligibility Criteria for Services 

POW&R is a service of Autism Delaware that provides employment, social activities and recreation in the community for adults with autism spectrum disorders.

Eligibility is based on the following criteria:

  • The applicant is 18 years of age or older and has an autism spectrum disorder.
  • Funding is adequate to provide a significant service. Funding may be either public or private.
  • Determination that POW&R can provide a service that meets and supports the applicant’s goals safely and effectively in the community.
  • Following completion of admissions requirements, a letter of acceptance has been offered to the applicant by Autism Delaware/POW&R.

POW&R is a community based service that does not currently offer in-house behavioral or nursing services. These services must be contracted. POW&R must determine that it can adequately support the individual prior to acceptance.

Expectations of the Participant & their Family

POW&R expects the following active collaboration from participants and their families or guardians:

The participant and his or her family will actively participate in the direction of services, including development and support of service plans.
Families will work with POW&R staff to find and/or provide resources if adequate funding is not available to accomplish all goals for the individual.

All parties will collaborate to assist in finding community resources to make sure that participant preferences can be obtained. This includes finding jobs, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Additionally, it must be recognized that POW&R is a service of Autism Delaware, and we urge families to support Autism Delaware’s fundraising activities, which support and enhance POW&R services above and beyond state and federal funding.

Admission decisions are made by a committee of Autism Delaware and POW&R. Submission of an application does not guarantee admission to POW&R.  An acceptance letter will be provided to qualified participants.

The Admission’s process requires:

  • Receipt of a completed Application for Services and required documentation, including:
    A- POW&R Eligibility Application Packet (This is a 2-step process) First, submit the application to your DDDS Family Support Specialist/Casemanager Second, notify POW&R Director, Katina Demetriou, via email at Katina.Demetriou@delautism.org that your application was submitted to DDDS)
    B- DDDS or DVR referral
    C- ICAP Current IEP (Include: Psychological Evaluation, Speech Evaluation, Transition, IEP, Vocational Assessments, Behavior Support Plan, Communication Supports, Any other information that will help support the applicant)
  • Applicant and family participation in a meeting with POW&R, DDDS and/or DVR as appropriate to discuss the program and the applicant’s goals.
  • Observation of the applicant by POW&R in school or other settings.
  • Committee review and evaluation of the applicant’s needs by POW&R and Autism Delaware to assess and assure POW&R’s ability to effectively meet and safely support the applicant’s goals.
  • Written acceptance from POW&R to qualified participant, DDDS and/or DVR.