POW&R Family Testimonials

POW&R provides my son Ben with the support necessary to work and exercise and participate in his community. He has been able to be employed at Dollar Tree. He has his own shredding business, which is growing. He volunteers in the community and enjoys recreational opportunities. His job skills have increased and his independence and confidence have grown over the past 18 months that he has received services through POW&R. POW&R doesn’t just provide support, it also helps people grow. POW&R folks are always available to meet with families with any concerns or to share important information. Ben’s happiness to go to work each day is what tells me that POW&R is the best fit for him.

Karen Bashkow, Parent

As a POW&R participant, Nick now has all the elements of a successful life that we have envisioned for both our children: meaningful, rewarding work; challenging recreational pursuits; and enjoyable leisure time.  What is more, he experiences these things in inclusive environments, surrounded by people who are always supportive of his present achievements and his future goals.

Lucy Graham, Parent

We placed our son Adams’  future in the hands of POW&R  following his departure from the school years.  We could not be more pleased with the results that have enhanced his everyday life.  He is working and reaching for the stars.  The POW&R staff are to be commended for their excellence and dedication to their clients.  The day they entered our lives hope for his future was born and is shining brightly.  Much gratitude and many thanks to you all.

Adam, Mike & Janie Dixon     Happy partners with POW&R


The worries for Jacob’s future now that school is done have been put to rest by Autism Delaware’s POW&R program. Knowing that Jacob has positive direction and purpose is a godsend to our family. We are excited to be working with POW&R staff in developing an individualized program that offers Jacob opportunities to work, volunteer and participate in recreation and fitness activities out in our communities. Our spirits have been lifted and Jacob is happy to be in the community participating in many different activities.

Angie & Barry Sipple