POW&R Participant Testimonials

The POW&R program is the best Adult Services Program in the world.  I think they are good at helping adults with autism. I suggest that adults with autism should try the program.

Brendan, Participant

The POW&R program is a wonderful service provider for young adults with autism. It helps them to find jobs. In 2008 the POW&R program helped me to find a part time job at Neurology Associates. I now work there every Monday through Thursday from 11 AM until 4 PM. I enjoy working at Neurology Associates. On Friday mornings at 11:30 I meet up with my friends Brendan and Nick and our support staff Matt at Autism Delaware. We always go out for lunch on Fridays. After lunch we do a recreational activity. We usually do a different recreational activity each week. Sometimes we go swimming at the YMCA and sometimes we go to the movie theater to see a movie. Other times we go for a walk at the mall or a park. Then Matt takes Brendan, Nick, and me home. I always enjoy doing Rec. with Brendan, Nick, and Matt on Fridays. That’s the highlight of my week and I spend the whole week looking forward to it. Katina Demetriou is the director of the POW&R program and she has helped me a lot throughout the past couple of years. I don’t know where I’d be today without Katina and her wonderful staff. I enjoy being a participant in the POW&R program and recommend it to anyone with autism who is looking for an adult services provider.

Dan, Participant

I just wanted to share what I witnessed today when I went into the Laundry area. As I entered the Laundry room I walked back to talk to Marian for a minute. Mark was working on sheets. We talked maybe 5 minutes, I walked up to the sheet machine and could see Danny and Mark working together on sheets. Danny smiled and being his ole silly self began dancing the latin cha-cha, Mark looked over at Danny and then smiled and started to do it himself. I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry. To see the bond the two of them have was priceless.

Lori Naylor, POW&R staff member