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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism is a lifelong issue for the people and familiesaffected by the disability. Unfortunately many autism programs and services are designed only for children. Recognizing the dire need for adult services, Autism Delaware parent volunteers, in partnership with professionals, worked for several years to develop the Productive Opportunities for Work & Recreation or POW&R.POW&R, which is funded by the Delaware Division of Developmental Disabilities, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and Autism Delaware, is a unique community-based program, with full-time staff members dedicated to helping adults with autism spectrum disorders find and be successful at employment, volunteer activities and recreation.POW&R staff members assist adults with autism and their families to create a plan and budget based on individual choices — this includes transition planning. Services are provided wherever the person chooses to reside, socialize, recreate, or work.For more information about POW&R,

contact: Katina Demetriou,
email: katina.demetriou@delautism.org

phone: (302) 824-2252 (cell) or (302) 224-6020 (office).