Transition Services

At least by age 14 it is time for parents to start thinking about transitioning their children from the world of school to their lives as adults. Typically ages 14 – 21 are termed as the transition years for young adults affected by autism. This can be a very scary time for both the young adult and family members as many decisions need to be made about what life will look like once school is over. And one thing is certain — things are going to change.

Fortunately, there are a number of resources available to help navigate the transition age. Most importantly, families should work with teachers and their children’s schools in order to prepare and meet appropriate IEP goals so that the student can be as ready as possible to meet the challenges adulthood will bring. Early preparation is key to a successful transition. As soon as possible start thinking about what types of services the student will need and how they can spend their last years in school getting ready for what is to come.

POW&R staff members are available to speak with parents about transition and whether POW&R services may be appropriate for each child. To schedule an appointment, contact us today at 302-224-6020.

For a list of services in the area of transition, visit Delaware’s Division of Developmental Disability Services’ website. Click here.

Here’s an interesting video on transitioning to adulthood for learners with ASDs from Peter Gerhardt. Click here to view at YouTube.