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2017 Legislative Session Wrap Up

  • Grant In Aid – Grant-in-Aid is an appropriation/money given by the General Assembly to support the activities of non-profit organizations which provide services to the citizens of Delaware. Where it stands – Joint Finance Committee approved a 20% cut in GIA for fiscal year 2018.
  • HB 12 – This bill provides State funding to kindergarten through third grade for basic special education. State funding already occurs for intensive and complex special education during these grades. Currently the basic special education funding doesn’t begin until fourth grade.
    Where the bill stands – Sitting with the Appropriations Committee in House.
  • HB 21 – This Act takes steps to ensure that individuals with disabilities are not denied access to organ transplant procedures based solely on their disability. Where the bill stands – Waiting for the Governor’s signature.
  • HB 104 – DSP Wage Increase – This bill would mandate an increase in the rates paid to providers so that by fiscal year 2020 the state would fund providers at 100% of the benchmarked rate. These rate increases are necessary to increase the hourly wages of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).
    Where the bill stands – Sitting with the Health & Human Development Committee in House.
  • HB 145 (ABLE bill) – This bill clarifies the treatment of funds in an ABLE account upon the death of a designated beneficiary. Specifically it prohibits State agencies or instrumentalities from clawing back from the ABLE account any funds it has expended on behalf of a designated beneficiary. Where the bill stands – Waiting for the Governor’s signature.  (For more info re: ABLE accounts, go to
  • HB 162 – This bill mandates reporting to the Director of Investor Protection by a broker-dealer or investment adviser that has a reasonable belief that financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult has occurred or been attempted. Where the bill stands – Sitting with the Judiciary Committee in House.
  • HB 210 – Medical marijuana: This bill allows minors subject to debilitating medical conditions, not specifically listed in section § 4906A(b) of the Delaware code, the same petition process to have their condition considered as that allowed for adults. Minors under that age of 18 may only be approved for marijuana oil.
    Where the bill stands – Waiting for the Governor’s signature.
  • SB 24 – Medical marijuana: This Act removes the requirement that a psychiatrist be the physician who signs the written certification in support of an applicant’s application for medical marijuana and adds anxiety to the list of debilitating conditions which a person can have to be eligible for medical marijuana.
    Where the bill stands – Waiting for the Governor’s signature.
  • SB 38 – Tax exemptions: This Act requires a county government to provide exemptions to real property taxes for individuals with a disability that are at least as generous as the exemptions currently provided by the county government.  Where the bill stands – Waiting for the Governor’s signature.   (For more info re: this type of tax exemption, please consult with a tax professional)

To see the full text of any of these bills, click here.


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