Home and Community Based Services

Autism Delaware’s Position on Home and Community Based Services

There has been a great deal of discussion in recent years over the concept of “home and community based services.” Well-intentioned and knowledgeable advocates have disagreed on what it really means to provide such a service and how individuals with disabilities will be affected by a variety of proposed legal definitions.

Autism Delaware conducted a study on best practices in adult services in 2007 and, as a result of that study’s findings, opened Productive Opportunities for Work & Recreation (POW&R) as an entirely community-based vocational service. This program’s impact on individuals with autism has been remarkable and recognized on both a state and national level.

As Autism Delaware continues to expand, we will go on providing innovative, community-based and person-centered services to fulfill the needs of those affected by autism in Delaware. Each individual with autism is unique, and therefore we need a flexible range of services – in behavioral interventions, vocational programs, residential service and more – to provide appropriate supports for everyone. Individuals should have the opportunity to choose for themselves what works best for them.

Most importantly, every service and support should be outcomes-based – placing emphasis on satisfaction and quality of life regardless of where the service is offered. We believe that a flexible range of options, combined with outcome-based regulations, will provide the best opportunity for all Delawareans living with disabilities to lead happy, fulfilling, productive lives.

Autism Delaware will continue to work with our partners in the community to provide person-centered, community-based options for services. We hold to our mission to help people and families affected by autism, and our vision of a world in which all people with autism have opportunities to learn, grow and live full lives as included and valued members of their communities.