*Visit our Newly Diagnosed page if you need information on applying for Medicaid.*

Medicaid is a government health care program for people with low incomes and/or disabilities. Many Delawareans affected by ASDs rely on Medicaid-funded services through school, adult day services, and of course medical and therapeutic professionals. These programs are critical to keeping our loved ones safe, productive, and progressing.

But misconceptions about whom the program benefits have made it a politically popular target for cuts by states across the country and at the federal level. Even proposals to change the funding structure can result in cuts to the programs impacting people with disabilities as not all services offered are required by law. Protecting and understanding these services is critical. We’ll keep the section below updated with news and information on any potential threats at the state or national level.

New Healthcare Bill Introduced In Washington D.C. – June 2017

Want to speak to your federal legislators about the Senate Healthcare Bill that was introduced in Washington to replace the Affordable Care Act? Do you have comments, questions, or concerns that you would like them to hear?

Join people with disabilities, families, and advocates around the country as we make sure our senators phones are ringing off the hook about  the Senate healthcare bill.

Call your Senators toll-free at: 866-426-2631.

Click here for more information, and for an example script you may use to get ideas about what you want to say.