ASDs and Reading & Math

Overall the key ingredient is understanding how your child learns and what causes the struggles, here is some info for you.

Reading Programs

Framework for Informed Reading and Language Instruction (click here to view the pdf)


Some time ago, the former director of the Delaware Autism Program (DAP) remarked during a seminar about educating children with Asperger’s Syndrome that educators should not use constructivist math programs. Look up your child’s math program if they are struggling in math.

Tips:Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Provide a predictable environment, try to avoid surprises
  • Ensure classroom structure
  • Prepare a student for changes in advance
  • Teach a strategy for coping with unexpected changes
  • Expose a student to a new activity beforehand
  • Teach strategies for flexibility of thought
  • Minimize transitions
  • Allow sensory breaks if needed
  • Be aware of what is reinforcing for a student and incorporate those reinforcers into your instructional routine

Some examples of what is out there for children with ASDs:

Touch Math 

On Cloud Nine Math 

National Library of Visual Manipulatives (Visuals Library)